5 New Years Resolutions for Kidney Health

2022 with a heart in place of the 0 to represent resolutions for kidney health

The New Year allows us extra time to reflect and set resolutions for improvements that we’d like to see in the upcoming year. If you live with CKD, setting new years resolutions for kidney health is a great way to prepare for a healthier lifestyle. While many Americans set their sights on improving their health over the next year, nearly 43% of these people have given up on their resolutions by February. The main problem with resolutions is that the goals we set for ourselves are far too broad. Some of the most common New Year resolutions are losing weight or getting healthy, but in order to achieve these goals, your plan of action needs to be defined, measurable, and achievable. So, instead of setting a broad resolution like “get healthy,” it’s important to set a smaller goal like “eat more servings of vegetables.” In the end, small steps lead to big progress. To help our patients living with CKD looking to improve their health, we’re sharing specific resolutions for kidney health that you can achieve this year. 

Implement Kidney-Friendly Recipes

“Eating healthy” is one of those vague resolutions that is commonly set and then quickly forgotten. When it comes to diet and nutrition, many do not know where to start, making eating healthy a more daunting task than it needs to be. For people with CKD, eating healthy can be even more complicated, as it’s important to avoid potassium in addition to getting the proper nutrition from the food we eat. Fortunately, so many resources provide delicious recipes that take the guesswork out of eating healthy. When it comes to resolutions for kidney health, try to incorporate fun and easy kidney-friendly recipes. For recipes that fit seamlessly into every season, follow along with our Facebook page.

Combine Strength Training with Low Impact Cardio

Gyms are notorious for being packed in January and then seeing a major decrease in popularity by February. If getting in shape is one of your resolutions for kidney health, you don’t necessarily have to become a gym rat in the new year. Low impact cardio like walking, swimming, or cycling is the perfect way to get you started on a fitness routine that won’t wear you out in a month. Purchasing a set of weights to use a home is far more cost-effective than joining a gym, and it provides an added level of convenience. Strength training using a lightweight/multiple repetition exercise plan is a great way to stay fit for those living with CKD. When combined with regular cardio exercises and strength training, you will likely benefit from better sleep, improved muscle strength, and more control over your blood pressure.

Relax and Recharge

So many resolutions are focused on goals that are challenging or that will put us out of our comfort zone. While it’s okay to strive for a more substantial goal, it’s also okay to focus on self-care in the new year. Making sure you take time to let your body recharge by getting a good night’s sleep and taking rest days if you’ve committed to a new workout routine is good for your health and will help keep your other resolutions on track.

Find Your Best Stress-Relieving Activity 

Identifying ways to relieve stress not only benefits your health, focusing your time on a stress-relieving activity can be one of the more enjoyable resolutions for kidney health. Reading, yoga, and listening to music or podcasts are just some examples of ways you can take a little extra time for yourself to unwind and feel centered. Emotional self-care is always important, but especially when you are living with CKD. Taking time to identify what triggers your stress and what reduces it can lead to positive changes in your day-to-day life.

Stay Up to Date with Doctors Appointments

While there is so much that you can do to keep yourself healthy, when you have CKD, it’s also important that you stay up to date with your nephrologist appointments. Maintaining regular contact allows your doctor to monitor any changes and make the best recommendations for medications. Set yourself up for a year of optimum health by combining the expert care of Durham Nephrology with consistent self-care at home.

Make an Appointment

At Durham Nephrology, our team is experienced in providing treatment and guidance to kidney patients, including looking out for their overall health and wellness. If you have questions about kidney disease, high blood pressure, or what any of our recommended resolutions for kidney health mean for you, call us at 919-477-3005 to talk to a staff member and make an appointment.


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