5 Recommendations For Traveling While On Dialysis

Have you been planning your dream trip but feel like dialysis will make it impossible? Being diagnosed with a medical condition such as kidney disease can make it difficult to imagine following a regular routine, especially while traveling. Traveling while on dialysis may seem difficult. However, there are tips and tricks that make your travel plans possible. All it takes is a little planning and preparation to ensure you are healthy and have a happy trip.  

At Durham Nephrology, we are well-versed in how patients can live healthy lives with CKD while still doing the things they love. We are here to share these with you, so you can keep living the life you deserve, even while traveling while on dialysis. 

Traveling While On Dialysis 

Speak To Your Doctor About Transient Dialysis 

Discussing your travel plans with your doctor beforehand is essential. Transient dialysis is possible but requires planning and discussing it with a medical professional. This way, they can advise you on precautions and requirements to maintain as you embark on your vacation, even traveling while on dialysis. Your doctor can remind you of requirements that you may not have considered.  

Start Planning Early 

Once you have talked to your doctor, you can start preemptively planning your trip. When you start the plans early, you can account for every detail. The National Kidney Foundation recommends beginning the process six to eight weeks in advance. This also requires flexibility because dialysis centers may already be full and require different dates. 

Find Local Dialysis Centers 

Once you decide on the locations you are interested in traveling to, you can spend time finding local dialysis centers. Your doctor may be able to recommend one to you if you discuss it with them after you have decided on the location you are going to visit. This may require contacting multiple centers to find the correct level of care. When you arrive, it is important to check in with the facility and ensure you feel comfortable with the location and staff. This is often done by contacting the center’s nurse manager to see if visiting is possible. Traveling while on dialysis often means finding it there too.

Keep Medical Information With You

When you have left home, ensure you have your medical information with you at all times. This includes during travel if something happens, such as lost luggage or misplaced items. Not only does this save you the headache of getting information forwarded, but it can also be helpful if an emergency situation arises. 

Plan Realistic Activities 

You can still have fun traveling while on dialysis, but it is about finding realistic activities. This can look very different depending on your situation. While traveling is a fun activity, there are things to try in the areas you go to that can be done safely. Walking around a city can be a great way to get to know an area while not pushing oneself too far. The critical thing to remember is that everyone’s levels are different, and you can decide the best activities for you by talking to your doctor.  

Don’t miss the trip of your dreams. Traveling while on dialysis is possible with the correct planning. The important thing to start with is discussing your plans and ideas with your doctor to ensure you do not miss any necessary steps. Are you looking for a doctor you can trust with your travel plans? Durham Nephrology is a great place to start, as our team is ready to help you with whatever you would need. Find out more on our website or give us a call at (919) 477-3005 for more information. 


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