6 Tips For Caregivers Of Patients With CKD

Those who choose the path of being caregivers are met with many challenges along the way. However, the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a patient’s life can be the most fulfilling part. When you are a caregiver for patients with CKD, it can seem challenging to take everything necessary into consideration. 

At Durham Nephrology, we pride ourselves on making life with CKD easier for everyone involved, patients and caregivers alike. To do so, we have created a list of tips that can transform how you choose to care for these patients. 

Tips For Caregivers Of Patients With CKD 

Keep A Consistent Schedule 

Keeping a consistent schedule for you and the patient can help avoid issues from the beginning. Part of this is up to the patient to decide what they want their daily routine to look like. This makes it easier for you as caregivers to know when the patient’s appointments are, what people are visiting, outings they need to do, and even errands they have to run. You and the patient can be on the same page to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Have An Open Communication Model 

Once a consistent schedule is established, you and the patient can find the best kinds of communication for each of you. This may start with the method of communication you use, whether it be phone calls, texts, emails, etc. From there, you can also decide how much the patient wants to communicate and if there are other people who they want to know things as well. 

Get To Know Available Resources 

As a caregiver, learning more about available resources is always possible. The National Kidney Foundation has a complete list of resources for family members and caregivers to access information that can make everyone’s lives easier as they support CKD patients. 

Stay On Top Of Diet and Exercise Support 

While the CKD patient has most likely discussed the proper diet and exercise plan with their doctor, you can help them stay on top of it as their caregiver. You can help them decide when they are going to complete their exercises. They may even want to spend time getting their meals together with you to keep them accountable. 

Be Positive With The Patient 

When your patient is dealing with a condition like CKD, they need the support of those around them. While their family and friends are the central portions of the patient’s support system, you are tasked with making them feel comfortable and secure as caregivers. Part of this means being optimistic with them about their condition and ensuring they know they have people who care about them. It can seem daunting to be going through life with this condition, but they can become more and more confident as you are positive with them. 

Manage Their Medication

Conditions such as CKD can come with many medications to keep track of. While you are there running through the patient’s schedule, you can also ensure they stay on top of the medication they must take. This may mean finding a system that works best for them to remember which ones are required and what times they have to take them. 

Caregivers are an excellent resource for patients with CKD, but it can often be an overwhelming role. By finding tips and tricks to smooth the process, you can feel more confident about the actions you are taking. Are you looking for more ideas to make life as a caregiver more effective for those with CKD patients? Durham Nephrology is an excellent resource for getting your questions answered. Find out more on our website or give us a call at (919) 477-3005 for more information. 


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