Hypertension is very common. One out of every three people in the United States  have High Blood Pressure.

Complications of Hypertension

For every twenty point increase in  blood pressure  the risk of death from heart disease or stroke doubles.

Good control of blood pressure protects the kidneys and slows the progression to needing dialysis.

Treatment of Hypertension

With usual care around half of people with hypertension are not controlled to the recommended goals.

When medications are optimized, almost every patient can have their pressure controlled.

Role of Durham Nephrology

Nephrologists (Kidney doctors) have special expertise in the treatment of hypertension, because the kidneys play an important role in blood pressure control.

Durham Nephrology has a special blood pressure program. Using blood pressure cuffs that send information to our office through an application on your smartphone we can track how well medications are working, and make adjustments in real time between visits, to more rapidly and reliably bring blood pressure under control.

Advantages of Remote Medical Monitoring (RMM):

  • Remote Medical Monitoring (RMM) happens when medical data is collected by a device and sent to your healthcare provider. Devices with RMM technology can remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and other symptoms.
  • Through technologies such as Bluetooth enabled medical devices and mobile phone apps, patients can take an active role in the management of their health conditions.
  • RMM lets you use your personal mobile phone with a medical device that your healthcare provider offers, like a medical-grade blood pressure cuff, to take your vital signs and automatically transmit the information to your provider.
  • RMM allows providers to constantly monitor patients’ vital signs in real time. This lets them identify changes in your condition and make the appropriate changes in care.
  • RMM lets patients take their vital signs, such as blood pressure measurements, outside of a provider’s office, in their homes or while traveling. The vital signs are automatically sent to the provider.
  • By using RMM technology, the patient and provider no longer need to rely on self-reporting of vital signs. You are not required to keep manual logs, which eliminates any errors that come from self-reporting.
  • RMM saves time for the patient and ensures accuracy.
  • RMM is easy to use. Patients download the RMM app to their mobile phones; pair the blood pressure cuff or other device; take their blood pressure; and accept the measurement. The information will be automatically sent to the provider.
  • If you forget or fail to take you blood pressure measurement, your healthcare provider can be notified and send you a reminder.
  • RMM allows patients to be in constant contact with their provider regarding blood pressures. This allows you to manage your condition rather than waiting for the next office visit.

No facility fee charges.


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