Most Commonly Asked Blood Pressure Questions

47% percent of adults in the United States have high blood pressure, yet many people don’t know the basics behind what leads to high blood pressure or the steps they can take to reduce it. Hypertension is known as “the silent killer” because, in most cases, there are no warning signs or obvious symptoms. This […]

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Kidney Disease

November is American Diabetes Month, and given the strong connection between diabetes and kidney disease, we wanted to dedicate some time to explain the relationship between these two conditions. Diabetes is a major risk factor for kidney disease, and it is the leading cause of kidney failure. In fact, almost half of all kidney failure […]

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6 Tips for Traveling with a Medical Condition

When planning a trip, it’s always good to be prepared, but when you’re traveling with a medical condition, it’s even more important to take extra steps to ensure you have a plan in place in case you should need it. For those with kidney disease, especially for patients who require dialysis, there is certain information […]

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Your Seasonal Guide to Living with CKD: Autumn Edition

The change of seasons brings new activities, flavors, and experiences to look forward to, but what you may not know is the influence that the change of seasons has on your kidneys. When you’re living with CKD, temperatures, seasonal foods, and other factors may impact your health more than you may realize. At Durham Nephrology, […]

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Obesity and Kidney Disease

Many of us are aware of the implication that obesity has on our overall health and wellness. Obesity impacts so many different areas of the body and can lead to the development of various conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Because our bodies are so interconnected, it’s not surprising that obesity can […]

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5 Reasons Why You May be Referred to a Nephrologist

Your primary care physician is a great resource for your overall health, but there are certain times when making referrals to specialized doctors is the best option. At Durham Nephrology, we have been dedicated to serving patients with high blood pressure and kidney diseases for over 30 years, so we receive a substantial number of […]

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How Transitional Care Units for Dialysis Can Improve Your Life

At Durham Nephrology, we believe education plays a large part in ensuring high-quality care for those with chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure. This is why we are proud to announce another new service offering, transitional care units for dialysis. Transitional care units (TCU) allow our patients to control their health and make informed […]

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Introducing Chronic Care Management

We are proud to offer a new service at Durham Nephrology: Chronic Care Management (CCM). Partnering with ChartSpan, we are providing our patients with two or more chronic conditions the ability to access a clinician 24/7. A condition is classified as chronic when it lasts more than a year and requires medical attention or interferes […]

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CKD and Your Sexual Health

In our past blog, we explored some of the effects CKD can have on the rest of your body and explained how vital our kidneys are to our overall health. In that blog, we touched on some of the effects that CKD has on the reproductive system and fertility, but there are more implications that […]

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Top Foods to Avoid When You Have CKD

Nutrition is the foundation of our overall health and wellness, so it’s not surprising that our kidneys are also affected by what we eat. Your diet and lifestyle choices have a significant impact on the development of kidney disease and its progression, so having the knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid is […]

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