The 5 Basics of Kidney Stones

We have all heard horror stories about someone’s encounter with kidney stones. You may even cringe just thinking about the pain that comes with them. Kidney diseases can be silent, meaning they often don’t cause pain or other symptoms until they have progressed to failure. However, you can prevent the most common causes of chronic […]

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How Does Kidney Disease Impact Your Sexual Health?

Have you found yourself disinterested in sexual activity, unlike before? The treatments and symptoms of kidney disease can impact your health across the board. Often, these changes can either be felt physically or emotionally in your sexual health or even in the relationship you have with your partner. By understanding these possibilities, you can learn […]

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When Should You Start Seeing A Nephrologist?

Yes, nephrologist. While it sounds similar to a “urologist,” this is a different section of medicine. To understand when you should see a nephrologist, you must first understand what they do. Nephrologists specialize in diagnosing and treating kidney disease, high blood pressure, dialysis, kidney stones, etc. Typically, people do not understand when they have been […]

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Handling High Blood Pressure Around The Holidays

From fantastic dinners to sweet treats, the holiday season has its fair share of temptations. While everyone faces these, patients struggling with high blood pressure often have more to lose from overindulging. This does not mean these patients have to have any less fun, though! It is all about learning how to handle high blood […]

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What To Expect With Your Kidney Transplant

Once you have reached the day of your kidney transplant, the concerns and worries can start to sneak up on you. While any procedure brings about anxiety, you can feel more confident with having insight into what the day looks like. It is essential to go to a source you can trust so as not […]

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Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diets For CKD

Your day-to-day lifestyle choices coincide with everything. From the way you move your body to the food you eat, each aspect of your day can be influenced by your preferences. Regarding diet, chronic kidney disease can be significantly impacted by what you decide to eat. Many people are often in one of two categories, plant-based […]

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5 Recommendations For Traveling While On Dialysis

Have you been planning your dream trip but feel like dialysis will make it impossible? Being diagnosed with a medical condition such as kidney disease can make it difficult to imagine following a regular routine, especially while traveling. Traveling while on dialysis may seem difficult. However, there are tips and tricks that make your travel […]

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6 Tips For Caregivers Of Patients With CKD

Those who choose the path of being caregivers are met with many challenges along the way. However, the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a patient’s life can be the most fulfilling part. When you are a caregiver for patients with CKD, it can seem challenging to take everything necessary into consideration.  […]

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The 4 Basics of Hypertension

You may have heard the term hypertension thrown around but never fully understood its meaning. While it may seem complicated, it simply refers to high blood pressure. The two are interchangeable terms but hold the same weight of importance on a patient. By understanding more about the condition, you can aid in preventing further damage […]

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5 Questions With Our Dietician, Aparna Veeramachaneni

Comprehensive treatment and management of kidney disease and high blood pressure are impossible without a complete team of professionals. At Durham Nephrology, our staff remains dedicated to each part of the process, ensuring we can answer your specific needs. One of the pivotal pieces of this process is a dietician who understands the importance of […]

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