Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diets For CKD

Your day-to-day lifestyle choices coincide with everything. From the way you move your body to the food you eat, each aspect of your day can be influenced by your preferences. Regarding diet, chronic kidney disease can be significantly impacted by what you decide to eat. Many people are often in one of two categories, plant-based […]

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5 Recommendations For Traveling While On Dialysis

Have you been planning your dream trip but feel like dialysis will make it impossible? Being diagnosed with a medical condition such as kidney disease can make it difficult to imagine following a regular routine, especially while traveling. Traveling while on dialysis may seem difficult. However, there are tips and tricks that make your travel […]

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6 Tips For Caregivers Of Patients With CKD

Those who choose the path of being caregivers are met with many challenges along the way. However, the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a patient’s life can be the most fulfilling part. When you are a caregiver for patients with CKD, it can seem challenging to take everything necessary into consideration.  […]

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The 4 Basics of Hypertension

You may have heard the term hypertension thrown around but never fully understood its meaning. While it may seem complicated, it simply refers to high blood pressure. The two are interchangeable terms but hold the same weight of importance on a patient. By understanding more about the condition, you can aid in preventing further damage […]

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5 Questions With Our Dietician, Aparna Veeramachaneni

Comprehensive treatment and management of kidney disease and high blood pressure are impossible without a complete team of professionals. At Durham Nephrology, our staff remains dedicated to each part of the process, ensuring we can answer your specific needs. One of the pivotal pieces of this process is a dietician who understands the importance of […]

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The Basics of Chronic Care Management

Have you been looking for a way to access a team of medical professionals day and night? Chronic Care Management may be the best option for you. At Durham Nephrology, we offer ChartSpan, a care management program that offers Medicare patients a way to reach those professionals when they need to. It is important to […]

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Effects of Heat On Kidneys and Blood Pressure

Summer days are in full swing. With them comes sweltering days in the sun. While getting outside and active is a great way to spend your time, the summer heat can lead to major health consequences if you are not careful. This is especially true for patients already suffering from kidney and blood pressure problems. […]

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Over-The-Counter Medications and Your Kidneys

These days, it is very easy to get over-the-counter medications that may not disclose just how impactful they actually are. It can be easy to see these medications as your first line of defense against pain, headaches, and anything in-between. However, while they may be relieving short-term pain, the medications can have long-term impacts on […]

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The Basics Of Hemodialysis

While most people have heard of the tern dialysis when it comes to kidney health, most do not know that there are actually two types – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis is used to replace the functions of the kidneys that no longer work. This means that often it comes down to a case-by-case scenario […]

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Your Seasonal Guide To Living with CKD: Summer Edition

As the summer months arrive, so does another part of our series: Your Seasonal Guide To Living With CKD. Every season means something new for you to consider as part of your kidney health journey. Your body in a unique manner which means it requires your attention and care year-round. The heat in the summer […]

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