8 Superfoods For Your Diet

For those living with kidney disease, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet full of the necessary nutrients. Sometimes, you can struggle to determine which superfoods are best to keep constant in the kitchen, and the recipes are even more challenging. 

However, our team at Durham Nephrology is here to set you up for success. These superfoods are just that, super. After hearing about the benefits of these items, you’ll be adding them to your grocery list in no time. 

Don’t Forget These Superfoods


Spring has sprung, and blueberries are thriving as superfoods. As the best time of the year to get blueberries ranges from April to late September, now is the time to incorporate them into your diet. Blueberries are full of antioxidants that act as an anti-inflammatory food. 


Garlic is a great flavor addition to many recipes you may want to try. When you can’t bring in other foods you used to enjoy, this is an excellent substitute for the taste. Not only is it delicious, but garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties and can even lower cholesterol. 

Egg Whites 

Egg whites are low in potassium and are an excellent protein source for CKD patients. You can still have the omelets or scrambled eggs you love; just use egg whites instead. With seasonings such as the garlic we discussed, you can have a delicious meal that sticks to the necessary diet. 


Sometimes kidney disease patients are advised to limit red meat in their diet. While this is often people’s favorite source of protein, it can be difficult to replace. However, fish is a great choice to consider! They are superfoods. There are many types to choose from, and fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. It also boosts heart health through its nutrients.

 From salmon to tuna, there are many ways to fit fish into your diet. The National Kidney Foundation shares the best fish options to consider for CKD patients in this article

Olive Oil 

Olive oil is another great option for anti-inflammatory additions to your diet. It is naturally full of oleic acid and polyphenols, contributing to its anti-inflammatory quality. This is easy to add to salad dressings, sauces, cooking additions, etc. One purchase of a larger bottle at the grocery store can have you set for a while because it tends to last a long time. 


Like blueberries, strawberries are also great to add to the grocery list in the spring. They are high in Vitamin C, manganese, and fiber. They are a great option to act as a sweet treat for patients looking to lower their levels of sugar consumption. So many recipes use strawberries as the main ingredient for a healthy dessert throughout your day. 


You may often pass by cabbage in the produce section, never knowing what to do with it. However, this vegetable contains nutrients that can genuinely benefit your diet. Not only does it improve digestion, but cabbage is packed with Vitamin C and can also help keep inflammation in check. You can put the cabbage into a soup or even a stir-fry to incorporate it into your diet with a delicious meal. 


Once you have had your fair share of berries, apples are another great fruit to add to your diet as superfoods. They are a great source of pectin, a soluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol and glucose levels. Even the peel is essential because it contains antioxidants that act as an anti-inflammatory. 

Your diet does not have to be boring! There are so many superfoods out there that can help transform your journey with kidney disease. This is a great starting point, but many other options exist. Are you interested in learning more about the best diets for kidney disease patients? Our team has ideas, recipes, and more that fit your needs directly. Request an appointment with us today through our website or by calling us at (919) 477-3005.


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