A Q&A With Our New Renal Care Coordinator

At Durham Nephrology, we are committed to providing comprehensive treatment and management of kidney disease and high blood pressure. Our team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and staff have been devoted to the welfare of patients for over 30 years, and we strive to provide the highest standard of care and patient satisfaction. Part of our standard of care includes making our patients feel comfortable in our office, which is why we wanted to take a moment and introduce our new Renal Care Coordinator, Nacole Erwin-Inkumsah! As Renal Care Coordinator, Nacole will ensure that all of our patients receive the appropriate care, as well as provide them with educational resources and help patients to make informed decisions regarding their health. Keep reading to learn a little more about Nacole Erwin-Inkumsah MSN, RN.

Meet Renal Care Coordinator, Nacole Erwin-Inkumsah MSN, RN:

Where did you grow up before settling in North Carolina? 

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. My father was military, so I lived in several states before I started college. They are Jacksonville, Fl.; Virginia Beach, Va.; Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; and Patuxent River, Md. I started my life in Florida and my father retired from the military in Florida. 

Here did you receive your degree?

My highest degree is a master’s in nursing leadership. I received my undergrad degree from the University of North Florida and my graduate degree from The University of Texas at Arlington. 

What is your medical specialty?

My first nursing job was in Critical Care. I spent most of my bedside nursing career in ICUs including Surgical ICU, Coronary Care Unit, cardiovascular ICU, and Neuro ICU. I also worked in the heart catheterization lab, interventional radiology, and pre and post-op care. I was a travel nurse for 5 years and worked in San Antonio, Phoenix, Palm Beach, Orlando, and Philadelphia. Once I started a family, transitioned to leadership, and was the director of a Medical Surgical Telemetry unit in Houston, Texas. Since moving to Raleigh, I have worked for the state of North Carolina as a nurse consultant, at Fresenius Medical Care as a Clinical Manager and now am excited to be the Renal Care Coordinator for Durham Nephrology Associates.  

What are your particular areas of interest? 

 In healthcare, I have had many opportunities and have been able to explore my career interests. I also love gardening and in retirement have a goal of pursuing studies in horticulture and landscape design. 

Why were you interested in the medical career field? 

It sounds corny, but I always wanted to be a nurse. I can remember telling my mother from a young age that I was going to take care of people. I secured my first healthcare job directly out of high school. I started my career in the central supply department at a hospital and worked in a healthcare setting in different roles until graduating from nursing school. 

What motivates you? 

My husband and children are my motivation. They are my biggest supporters. I want my children to know that it is important to love what you do. I encourage them to try new things and if they voice an interest I try to expose them to those different opportunities so that they will know that they have many choices in life.

Do you have a certain philosophy of outlook when it comes to providing care? 

I care for and treat my patients like I would want a provider to treat my closest family members and friends. 

What do you like to do what you’re not at Durham Nephrology?

 In my spare time, I love to consignment shop and repurpose furniture and other items. I have very few new pieces of furniture in my personal space. 

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