Effects of Heat On Kidneys and Blood Pressure

Summer days are in full swing. With them comes sweltering days in the sun. While getting outside and active is a great way to spend your time, the summer heat can lead to major health consequences if you are not careful. This is especially true for patients already suffering from kidney and blood pressure problems. Understanding the effects that heat can have on your kidneys and blood pressure is essential to staying healthy all summer long. 

Learning The Effects Of Heat On Kidneys and Blood Pressure 

At Durham Nephrology, we have provided comprehensive treatment and management of kidney disease for over 30 years. Through that time, lessons are constantly learned about the best way to handle the seasons and the weather that accompanies them. Schedule an appointment this summer to ensure you stay on top of your health. 

Developing Heat Illness 

When your body is unable to handle the excessive amount of heat, it can experience a type of illness. Oftentimes, the illnesses present themselves after spending too much time outside in extreme weather and humidity. The four most common versions of this condition are heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. With kidney and blood pressure problems, your risk of experiencing a heat illness is greater. 

Suffering From Dehydration 

Dehydration is a problem for the body, along with specific issues with the kidneys and blood pressure levels. When your body is dehydrated, it cannot perform the necessary functions. Severe dehydration can cause further kidney damage. As the National Kidney Foundation highlights, water in your body helps to remove waste from the blood through urine. It also contributes to the health and width of the blood vessels that allow blood to reach the kidneys. 

When you are dehydrated, this system does not operate as it should. There is not the amount of water necessary to fully function at a healthy capacity.  

Changes To Blood Pressure 

As your body adapts to warm weather conditions, it can impact your blood pressure. Your body is trying to radiate heat by sending more blood flow to the skin when there are days with high temperatures and high humidity. When this occurs, the heart beats faster, sending more blood through the body. 

People with kidney conditions are more susceptible to changes in blood pressure in the presence of heat. These changes are important to keep track of, whether this is by your doctor or using an at-home monitoring system.  

Too Much UV Ray Exposure 

While heat plays an important role in kidney and blood pressure health, even the UV rays can have a lasting impact if not kept in check. These rays can stimulate inflammatory processes in the kidneys, even with little exposure. On top of the potential harm to the processes, ample amounts of UV ray exposure can lead to harmful results on your skin. The additional chance of developing dangerous skin conditions is not ideal for anyone, but for patients with kidney issues, it is another condition the body must work on. 

Enjoy the summer days without putting your health at risk. By understanding heat’s effects on your kidneys and blood pressure, you can prevent the issue before it occurs. If you have not been diagnosed with kidney problems but feel like you have the symptoms, it may be time to talk to a medical professional. Are you looking for more tips on staying healthy in the summer? The professionals at Durham Nephrology have plenty of information and resources to help. Check out our website or give us a call at (919) 477-3005 for more information. 


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